If you have any questions regarding a claim, we recommend that you speak with a Pedestal Insurance Brokers Inc. licenced advisor.  Our claims counsel is superior and to initiate a claim report you should always speak with a representative of Pedestal Insurance Brokers Inc. first.

Call: (705) 887-6318
Toll Free: (855) 805-5151
After hours: (705) 328-4349

Remember …….when you are involved in an automobile accident you should:

  • Never admit fault
  • Write down all information from the other parties Ownership, Drivers Licence, and Insurance Liability (pink) Card
  • If there are witnesses, please get their name, address and telephone number where they can be reached if required.
  • Protect all property if you are away from your vehicle or if it will be towed to a storage facility
  • Report all info to Pedestal Insurance Brokers Inc.

Claim Forms:

Company Claim Links:

Your Insurance Company 24hr Claims Line Submit Electronically
Edge Mutual Insurance Tel. #888-346-6610 Submit a Claim
The Dominion/Travelers Tel. #800-661-5522 Submit a Claim
Peel Mutual Insurance Tel. #800-268-3069 Submit a Claim
Portage Mutual Insurance Tel. #800-340-2439 Submit a Claim
RSA Tel. #800-319-9993 Submit a Claim
  • Never admit fault.  Consult your broker for advise on your policy and its coverages.